Shoprider VIKING

Summary of key specifications

– High back contoured seat with headrest
– Sliding / Rotating / Height adjustableseat
– Lift up & Tilt adjustable arm rests
– “SLOW WHEN TURNING ” safety feature
– Elevated handlebar with R/H paddlecontrol.
– Full Function LCD display
– High / Medium / Low speed settings
– Rear wheel drive
– Electromagnetic brake
– Front disc handbrake
– Front + Rear suspension
– LED Headlight- Low/High beam
– Rear activated Brake Lights
– Indicators
– Hazard lights
– Large 75amp battery capacity



The SHOPRIDER™  VIKING provides the comfort of a large scooter with the added advantage of the deluxe suspension system.
The 779xLS has all the luxury features and a rugged and durable construction.
This Deluxe 3 wheel scooter is very manoeuvrable and Easy to Drive.

The reliability of this impressive scooter by SHOPRIDER™ is further enhanced by the rear wheel drive and electromagnetic brake.

Overall Size : 1550mm (L) x 700mm (W) x 1305mm (H)
Turning Circle: 1650mm
Speed: 10km/h
Maximum range: Up to 54km
Safe climb angle: 9 °
Maximum climb angle: 9°
Motor: 2.0Hp high torque motor (4 Pole)
Batteries: 2 x 75 Amp minimum (supplied)
Charger: 8 Amp
Tyres (Pneumatic): Ø406mm Front / Ø406mm Rear
Product Weight: 140kg – with batteries
Maximum User Weight: 185kg – on flat ground

Angles and weights shown here for this scooter or power chair indicate the safe working angles for the user and equipment.
Any scooter or powerchair used outside these parameters may be unsafe and or cause future problems with the electrical systems.

779XLS – Shoprider VIKING – product sheet

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